Former California Sen. Leland Yee pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to one count of felony racketeering for accepting bribes from undercover FBI agents.

     With a French quip, a federal judge gave the National Security Agency carte blanche to temporarily resume data collection that several courts have found illegal. 

     Though Univision took umbrage with his saying most Mexican immigrants are rapists, Donald Trump claims in a $500 million lawsuit that ties to Hillary Clinton are at work.

     Smoking marijuana just for fun became legal in Oregon today - but it will be illegal to buy it until October.

     In a blow to embattled Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, a co-defendant in a massive criminal bribery case will plead guilty and cooperate with federal prosecutors.

     Craigslist will get $1 million - and donate the money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation - to settle claims that 3taps and PadMapper violated copyright by providing its content to other websites. 

     Racist Kung Fu Saloon employees in Dallas, Houston and Austin discriminated against black and Asian patrons, the United States claims in Federal Court. 

     Following up on a settlement to reform Rikers Island prisons, U.S. attorneys submitted a 63-page agreement for court approval Wednesday. 

     RaceTech KY claims that Kentucky Downs and Encore Gaming used its proprietary technology to develop their own, competing "historical horse racing terminals," in Federal Court.  

     Two NASDAQ officers who are settling the $500 million class action over Facebook's initial public offering are entitled to coverage from two insurers, a third claims in Federal Court. 

     Major worker's compensation insurers, including a Berkshire Hathaway company, hacked into thousands of confidential legal files to save money on judgments and settlements, an Angeleno claims in a federal class action. 

     The Ninth Circuit awarded more relief Tuesday to veterans who say they were used as "human guinea pigs" for weapons experiments during the Cold War. 

     The record-setting cyberattack on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management evinces a failure to take yearly audits to heart, government employees claim in Federal Court. 

     A Texas company demands punitive damages from the National Association of Realtors, claiming it reneged on a partnership agreement and stole referrals and trade secrets for Chinese business. 

     It will likely be years before the victims of fallen real estate mogul Luke Brugnara's fraud will see $11 million worth of fine art returned, a federal judge said Tuesday.

     A Catholic priest accused of sexual misconduct with minors sued an accuser's parents and the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, claiming they targeted him for monetary gain because of his race. 

     An attorney for customers of a failed bank sued the Department of Justice for the name of a Federal Reserve official who may have known of the bank fraud as it was happening. 

     Japan's largest shipping line engaged in a 15-year conspiracy to quash competition and fix prices for car-shipping services, General Motors claims in Federal Court. 

     A former patient of the Miami clinic tied to Major League Baseball's steroid scandal claims New York Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez bought confidential patient records in a bid to stymie the investigation into his activities. 

     Police fueled the violence in Ferguson, Mo., by antagonizing protesters after Michael Brown's death, the Department of Justice concluded in a soon-to-be released report.

     Maryland county police Tasered and pepper-sprayed a 66-year-old man without reason, keeping him from his son's funeral, the man claims in court. 

     McKinney, Texas demands $79,000 for records on the white police officer who was filmed pulling his gun on black teenagers in an incident that made national headlines, a news service says.

     A white Texan who filmed himself breaking an elderly black man's jaw by punching him in the face faces 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to a hate crime.

     Two Texas executives embezzled $1.3 million from their energy company to pay for vacations, hunting trips, fishing gear and country club memberships, federal prosecutors say.

     Goldman Sachs will pay $7 million to settle an SEC complaint of violating market access rules. 

     Ambac Assurance Corp. sued Countrywide Home Loans for $350 million mortgage-backed securities based on loans Countrywide misrepresented, in New York County Supreme Court. 

     Matt Groening's former nanny claims in court that the "Simpsons" creator stiffed her for overtime and fired her when she complained about it.

     Updated federal guidelines demand that immigration officials ask transgender detainees whether they would feel safer being held with men or women. 

     The University of California at Berkeley grossly mishandled three women's reports of sexual assaults, the former students claim in a discrimination complaint. 

     The Nevada Department of Transportation did not illegally take land for an interstate widening project in Las Vegas, the state Supreme Court ruled. 

     A New York City law regulating debt collection does not usurp the state's authority to regulate the legal industry, the New York Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday. 

     Denying tribal officers immunity Tuesday, the Ninth Circuit advanced claims by gamblers who say police robbed them for making too much money at the casino. 

     Two professors are entitled to lower processing fees for a public records request because its purpose is educational and journalistic, a federal judge ruled. 

     Southern California Edison, Berkshire Hathaway and others fail to warn that their wooden utility poles are treated with carcinogenic pentachlorophenol, environmentalists claim in court.


     It is premature to decide whether the U.S. government has properly withheld benefits data related to Affordable Care Act health plans, a federal judge ruled. 

     A federal judge consolidated two lawsuits by tax preparers fighting the requirement to pay for a "preparer tax identification number" every year. 

     Germany should have considered the EU framework before authorizing a project to deepen portions of the river Weser, the Court of Justice ruled Wednesday. 

     An Austrian daily newspaper that offers a video section on its website cannot be regulated as an audiovisual service, an adviser to the EU's high court said Wednesday. 

     Emboldened by the Texas attorney general, a North Texas county clerk cited her religion in refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses for several days, before doing an about-face Tuesday night.

     A federal judge blocked hunting enthusiasts from relying on emails that they claim show regulatory protocol errors behind the ban on importing elephant carcasses from Zimbabwe. 

     A Pennsylvania police officer took "inappropriate, gratuitous" photographs on his cellphone of the victim of a sexual assault, she claims in Federal Court. 

     Hulk Hogan's sex tape consists of "three different videos," one of which includes an as-yet unidentified third party, the FBI has revealed. 

     A Hamilton, New Jersey based firm has been permanently enjoined from manufacturing suppositories after investigators found it was distributing the product without Food and Drug Administration approval. 

     The legal fight between Google and an actress who sued over her brief appearance in the movie trailer "Innocence of Muslims" is over. 

     Gun manufacturer Beretta U.S.A stole proprietary information to develop its AR-15 rifle, a gun designer claims in court. 

     Rules on wind energy limitations in Wisconsin will stand because they were properly promulgated, the state's high court ruled. 

     U.S. authorities filed a $34 million civil forfeiture action Tuesday stemming from corporate shares a Canadian oil company used to bribe a Chadian diplomat. 

     Following reports accusing the daughter of Uzbekistan's president of accepting bribes, U.S. prosecutors moved to seize $300 million allegedly linked to an international money laundering conspiracy.