Sections of a law criminalizing creepy, "improper photography" are unconstitutional, Texas' highest criminal court ruled, looking at a case involving photographs of children at a San Antonio water park. 

     Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo. police officer who shot Michael Brown, setting off weeks of protests, testified before a grand jury for more than four hours on Tuesday.

     With California's Judicial Council facing a $22.7 million revenue shortfall that will likely be backfilled or funded, a committee declined Wednesday to offer an alternative recommendation on allocation.

     A Manhattan Beach attorney on Wednesday was accused of embezzling more than $250,000 from his former employer, MWRC Internet Sales, federal prosecutors said.

     A San Francisco-based hedge fund adviser will pay $150,000 to settle charges that it let a managing member swipe $320,000, which he used to remodel his mansion and buy a Porsche, the SEC said Wednesday. 

     BNV Home Care Agency unlawfully requests "genetic information" from employees and job applicants, the EEOC claims in Federal Court. 

     Shenzhen Pauolug Silicone Technology in Guangdong, China shipped 300 phony Microsoft keyboards to the United States, to be sold at $660 a pop, the United States says in a federal complaint in rem against the keyboards. 

     General Motors' 1973-1987 C and K pickups have unsafe, side-mounted gas tanks that could, and did, burn a woman to death after a side impact, her family claims in Federal Court. 

     Lake Charles, La. police officers repeatedly Tasered a 61-year-old man as he waited in his own driveway for his ride to work, and then lied about it, the man claims in Calcasieu Parish Court. 

     Eighteen people died and dozens were injured in a Sept. 18, 2012 explosion at a Pemex plant in Reynosa, Mexico, the families claim in Harris County Court. 

     Hixson Metal Finishing, of Newport Beach, exposes the public to carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, the California attorney general claims in Orange County Court. 

     Indiana Gov. Michael Pence refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couple or recognize same-sex marriages from other states, eight people claim in a constitutional complaint in Federal Court. 

     St. Mary's School in the Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland hired a teacher who was found with "over 400 sexual oriented photographs and videos of approximately 12-year-old girls in sexual contexts," then expelled one of his victims, her parents claim in Summit County Court. 

     Witness testimony continued Wednesday in a high-stakes trial to resolve who has the right to make movies based on the fantasy role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons." The case hinges, in part, on whether a movie already made was a sequel or a made-for-TV movie.

     Arab Bank "did what it was required to do" and isn't liable for 24 recent Hamas-sponsored suicide attacks in the West Bank, a defense lawyer said Thursday during closing arguments in the landmark jury trial.

     A classified memo explaining why the government believes a Greek shipping magnate's libel claims could compromise national security should be made public, attorneys said in a letter to chambers Wednesday. 

     Two Los Angeles police officers who deliberately withheld evidence of a man's innocence, causing him to spend 27 months in jail, must pay $106,000, the 9th Circuit ruled Wednesday.

     Bicyclists' uneasy relations with New York took a turn into Federal Court this week, where a class action claims the DMV "systematically overcharged" cyclists by $88 for traffic tickets, and assessed them penalty points on their driver's licenses, in defiance of law.

     The former CEO of Intermix Media, which formerly owned MySpace, claims in an antitrust class action that Google and set up a complex scheme to benefit themselves, while allowing News Corp to purchase MySpace on the cheap in 2005. 

     A visual artist failed to persuade a federal judge that James Cameron ripped off his artwork in the movie "Avatar." 

     The former CEO of a Houston investment firm made $326,000 by trading on inside information about the firm's clients, federal prosecutors say. 

     Four same-sex couples have had their marital rights stripped by Wisconsin's highest officials, who refuse to recognize their marriages as legal, the couples claim in Federal Court. 

     A gas line explosion and fire that killed a woman and leveled homes in South Jersey came after Public Service Electric & Gas refused to cut off gas service to a development with a gas leak, two workers who were injured in the blast claim in court. 

     A Texan who illegally exported grenade launcher barrels to Mexico was sentenced to six years in federal prison.

     Shell Oil Co. and its subsidiary Motiva Enterprises will pay $4.5 million to settle a U.S. Department of Labor investigation into refinery employees not being paid for attending mandatory meetings before their shifts.

     Judges on the 9th Circuit's en banc panel hearing California's challenge of the Big Lagoon Rancheria's plans to build a casino in Humboldt County lambasted the state Wednesday for resurrecting stale claims that the tribe is not federally recognized and doesn't own the land it intends to develop.

     Laws blocking carriers from charging checked-luggage fees violate EU pricing-freedom guarantees, the European Court of Justice ruled Thursday. 

     Iraq wanted to hold more than 70 corporations accountable for the corruption of the U.N. oil-for-food program, but the 2nd Circuit blamed Saddam on Thursday. 

     Inmates jailed for misdemeanors in Ohio the weekend prior to Election Day still have the right to vote, a federal judge ruled. 

     A Florida judge refused to let Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden tango in an old case there concerning the reorganization of a $4.6 billion trust that funds the Nemours Foundation. 

     Clark County Family Court Judge Steven Jones pleaded guilty Wednesday to an investment fraud scheme that stole $2.6 million from 22 victims.

     U.S. luxury brands looking to lean on the Bank of China for help seizing the ill-gotten gains of forgers must wait a while longer, the 2nd Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     Court finds "neither hide nor hair" of a promise by Gadsden, Ala., not to raise the amount city firefighters' contribute to their pension fund. 

     Accused of aiding and abetting a $60 million Ponzi scheme in South Florida's Haitian community, Wells Fargo failed to charm a federal judge with its affirmative defenses. 

     Attorneys for a Texas teen sentenced to probation for the drunken-driving deaths of four people must hand over records of the doctor who controversially diagnosed him with "affluenza," a Texas appeals court ruled. 

     Backyard Burgers of Nebraska can pay $2.7 million to settle a class action alleging privacy violations in older receipts, a federal judge ruled. 

     Pixar, Dreamworks, Lucasfilm, Disney, Sony, et al. conspired to suppress wages of animators, an antitrust class action claims in Federal Court. 

     The Bonne Bell Co. refuses to provide health care benefits for the same-sex husband of an employee, or even tell them what the benefits are, the men claim in Cuyahoga County Court. 

     Diversified Educational Resources dba Jefferson High School DBA Enterprises High School sells phony high school diplomas, the Florida attorney general says in Broward County Court. 

     A former Internal Revenue Service director urged a federal judge to drop her from a lawsuit alleging "intentional and systematic" targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. 

     Opponents of Wisconsin's embattled voter ID law have asked the 7th Circuit to reconsider enforcing the law they say will prevent many from voting if enforced for November elections. 

     In declining to revisit a California high school's handling of students who promoted the American flag on Cinco de Mayo, the 9th Circuit condoned a free-speech violation, three judges complained Wednesday. 

     Paying tribute to the first inmate in Texas exonerated posthumously, officials dedicated a memorial statue of Timothy Cole on Wednesday.

     Meijer, Inc., a regional "hypermarket" based in Walker, Mich., will pay a $2 million civil penalty to settle claims it continued to sell high chairs, vacuum cleaners and other products after they were recalled by their manufacturers.

     In response to opposing lawsuits, the U.S. population of Canada lynx is now protected where found, with reduced critical habitat. 

SPOKANE, Wash. - The federal government's Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery on the Columbia River endangers already threatened spring-run Chinook salmon and bull trout, the Wild Fish Conservancy claims in Federal Court. 

     Los Angeles police Officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas shot to death the unarmed, compliant, mentally challenged Ezell Ford, 25, as he lay on the ground, obeying their orders, on Aug. 11, his parents claim in Federal Court.  

     Icon Health and Fitness violated a cease-and-desist order by making unsubstantiated weight-loss claims about its ab Glider product, the United States claims in Federal Court. 

     The Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway refused to pay $36,000 to a man who won it at slots, he claims in Westchester County Supreme Court.