Libya has helped underwrite the legal defense of a suspected co-conspirator of the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa, according to documents recently unsealed by a federal judge. 

     The website made millions of dollars by offering to sell gold for bitcoins, but failing to ship the gold, according to a federal class action. 

     Banner Health Network mailed its magazine to more than 50,000 members, with their Medicare ID/Social Security numbers on the mailing labels, a class action claims in Maricopa County Court. 

     World Wrestling Entertainment inflated its stock price with false and misleading statements, and the share price fell from $19.93 to $11.27 in a single day, May 16, when the truth came out, shareholders claim in a federal class action. 

     Nine people who are paid for providing home-based care to family members under Medicaid claim Minnesota's "Individual Providers of Direct Support Services Representation Act" will unconstitutionally force them to support a union, in Federal Court. 

     Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery illegally allows his deputy DAs to apply for wiretaps, and fails to seal the results properly, a woman who was wiretapped claims in Federal Court.  

     A federal class action accuses Reed Elsevier and LexisNexis of costing people jobs and grief by inaccurate criminal background reports.

     L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling cannot block the $2 billion sale of the NBA team that his estranged wife Rochelle Sterling brokered against his wishes, a probate judge ruled Monday.

     California's Judicial Council is expected today to approve spending $27 million on blueprints for a new criminal courthouse in Sacramento. "I'm the eternal optimist. I believed it would ultimately get built," said Sacramento Presiding Judge Robert Hight.

     General Motors, Ford and others owe the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies a lot of money for importing "in-vehicle CD-copying devices" that violate copyright law, the Alliance claims in a federal class action. 

     A Missouri attorney admitted in Federal Court that he stole from his mother and clients before fleeing the country.

     Taco Bell fired a general manager who had worked for it for 27 years after a higher-up saw a Latino employee in her restaurant and told her, "Didn't I tell you not to hire Hispanics?" the former manager claims in court. 

     Tenure provisions in New York education law violate the state constitution's guarantee of a "sound, basic education" for all children, seven parents claim in court. 

     A New York man whose co-worker's angry husband threatened to kill him is entitled to workers' compensation benefits, a New York state appeals court ruled.

     A North Texas man mailed more than 500 white powder hoax letters around the world, claiming to be from al Qaida, causing government agencies to waste an enormous amount of resources, federal prosecutors say. 

     When pawn shop owners told Palm Springs police it was too dangerous for them to continue acting as informants in undercover investigations, police retaliated by arresting one of them and seizing $200,000 they were lawfully using to operate their business, the owners say in Federal Court. 

     Smith & Wesson will pay $2 million to settle charges of bribing foreign officials to try to get military and law-enforcement supply contracts, the SEC said Monday. 

     Former Harbinger Capital Partners COO Peter A. Jenson will pay $200,000 to settle charges that he assisted a scheme to let its owner Philip Falcone misappropriate millions of dollars from a hedge fund to pay Falcone's personal taxes, the SEC said Monday.

     The NCAA has agreed to a $75 million settlement with college athletes who claimed the body put their health at risk by leaving concussion policies up to their individual schools. 

     A federal court dismissed most of a nurse's sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit but not her claim that Kaiser failed to accommodate a workplace injury. 

     An Ohio Socialist excluded from televised candidate debates when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010 has no standing to bring claims against the Federal Election Commission, a federal judge ruled. 

     The court-appointed receiver for R. Allen Stanford's $7 billion Ponzi scheme cannot sue Proskauer Rose and Chadbourne & Parke in D.C. federal court because it lacks jurisdiction, the D.C. Circuit ruled. 

     A family cannot sue the Palestinian Authority for the murder of a family member during the Second Intifada because their evidence is "sheer hearsay," a federal judge ruled. 

     The National September 11 Memorial and Museum can continue to display the crucifix-shaped beams found in the rubble of the World Trade Center in its "Finding Meaning" exhibition, the 2nd Circuit ruled on Monday. 

     An engineer convicted of selling stealth technology to China failed to convince the 9th Circuit that the statements he made to federal agents over a week of voluntary interrogations should have been kept out of his espionage trial. 

     A $36 million dollar contingency fee won by three attorneys for their work on behalf of victims of a 1986 Berlin nightclub bombing will remain in trust until all claims on the money are resolved, a federal judge ruled. 

     Cops who dropped off an intoxicated man at a rural highway off-ramp in freezing temperatures are not responsible for his eventual death from hypothermia, ruled the 8th Circuit ruled. 

     Texas' ban on charities spending bingo money on political advocacy is an unconstitutional violation of free speech, the 5th Circuit ruled Monday. 

     Intel Corporation wrongly fired a design engineer who alleges he was sexually harassed by a supervisor and needed to take medical leave to overcome the stress of of the situation, according to a state court claim.  

     Attorneys for Google urged a federal judge to ignore demands made by news outlets to deny requests to seal documents in a massive - and settled - class action over Gmail privacy. 

     A married couple claim Sanofi-Aventis' fertility drug, Clomid, caused their baby's birth defects, in Federal Court. 

     Micros Systems is selling itself too cheaply through an unfair process to Oracle, for $68 a share or $5.3 billion, shareholders claim in a class action in Howard County Court. 

     The Johnston (N.C.) Memorial Hospital Authority fired a black worker for taking a white female patient into his office with the door closed for about 5 minutes to try to calm her down, though white male employees had done similar things without being fired or reprimanded, the former worker claims in Johnston County Court.  

     NYPD officers beat Irving Mizell to death in public housing on March 7, 2013, his estate claims in Federal Court.