A federal judge seemed inclined to begin the trial of Ammon Bundy and his 25 co-defendants in September, despite several who say that's too soon and that a liberal Portland jury won't give them a fair trial.

     Nevada newspapers say a protective order would impede coverage of the federal trial of 19 people charged with crimes in the 2014 armed standoff at the Bundy ranch. 

     The Tribune Publishing Co. said late Wednesday it has rejected Gannett's more than $388 million bid to buy the business.

     After the downfall of a heroin-addicted FBI agent upended their drug convictions, three men want damages from the U.S. government. 

     Growing up in Pasadena, part of the daily routine was the sound of my dad's big wingtips coming up the two front steps to our house in the late afternoon, and then the heavy sweeping sound our solid front door made as it was pushed open. He wore a suit and tie every day to teach.
     He would open a can of generic beer from Safeway and listen to a liberal radio commentator who I believe was Edward P. Morgan. The show came on every week night at 6 and lasted for a half-hour. My mom called us to the table shortly after 6:30 with a French expression we still use for family gatherings, "À table!"
     In a similar vein, I now enjoy reading liberal newspaper columnists from the N.Y. Times. But it struck me recently how they all approved of Hillary Clinton and dismissed Bernie Sanders as someone who did not have much knowledge on policy, flapped his arms a lot, and made such a serious blunder in saying Clinton was unqualified.
     The inability to see why Sanders gets so many votes made me realize how removed much of the chattering class is from the rest of the nation. Sanders has tapped into a deep and wide vein of anger with the way things are. A great swath of people believe the system is rigged. It is the same sentiment that Trump appeals to.
     Sure it's true that Sanders' attack on banks and moneyed interests is spotty on specifics, but his broad theme is right on the money. The government long ago was stalled, infiltrated and checkmated by corporations and wealthy donors, and Sanders' point is correct about the new wealth all flowing to the very top tier.
     Clinton, on the other hand, has some big weaknesses that are blissfully overlooked by the columnists.
     We have mostly young people working at Courthouse News, or in any case well younger than me, left-leaning or agnostic. One woman here told me today, "I don't want to vote for her."
     One of our female reporters, well over on the left and from my generation, emailed me, "The Clintons are thugs."
     Clinton is also a hawk if not a warmonger, leading the charge into Libya, defending every possible violence from Israel and advocating air force intervention in Syria in the form of a no-fly zone, even as the Russians are flying there regularly.
     Now, let's trundle over to the other side. I went to get my hair cut yesterday in a Pasadena salon where youth, tattoos and piercings are the rule. My hairdresser has a ring in her nose.
     I asked her who she liked. She was tentative, saying she leaned towards Sanders. But she said she has to be very careful about what she says on social media, because of her in-laws. So who do the in-laws support, I asked.
     "Trump," she hissed in a low voice. Her expression said, "Who else?"
     And then my nephew's wife spoke out at a family dinner recently saying she was thinking of voting for Trump, which would be anathema in our Democratic family. She is the mother of three beautiful girls, however, and there was no reaction.
     For the length of this political season, it has been the liberal gospel that Trump cannot make it, a gospel shared by Republican moneymen and liberal columnists alike, and by me. But I am not at all so sure anymore.
     Because the guy just keeps coming. And Clinton has a set of world-cruise steamer trunks as political baggage.
     And wouldn't it be just like the Republicans to suddenly switch and come at the Democrats from the populist direction, after adopting the social-values, anti-tax, Laffer-curve notions for so long. And upend the plodding Democrats who are pushing a political professional who likes to work with big capital and who seems eager to send troops and arms into the chaos of the Middle East.
     There will be wailing and a great gnashing of teeth from those who sat at their keyboards believing that Trump had offended too many, was too crazy, and too untutored to possibly blow away a slow-moving, baggage-laden Clinton, if he brings it on home to the White House.
     It is probably too late for a wake-up call. And the tired formulation that the nation is not ready for Sanders may just be right. But the writers on the left who see Clinton as the obvious choice on competence, the clearly superior candidate, and someone who is looking at a cakewalk if Trump is her opponent, may well have another thing coming.

     Retail sales in March slid 0.5 percent in the eurozone and 0.7 percent in the full European Union due to weak sales in the "food, drinks and tobacco" and non-food sectors, Eurostat said Wednesday. 

     Over 1.1 million Europeans died of heart attacks and strokes in 2013, with cardiovascular disease accounting for 1 in 5 deaths in the EU, Eurostat said Wednesday. 

     A massive LA-area gas leak that spewed thousands of metric tons of methane into the air will cost Southern California Gas Co. $665 million — almost double previous estimates.

     Marquette University says it is not worried about the lawsuit it faces from a professor it suspended after he defended opponents of gay marriage. 

     Researchers say they believe the ship that legendary explorer Captain James Cook used to sail around the world is still submerged somewhere in Rhode Island's Newport Harbor, but it'll take a lot of work and money to try to identify it.

     An animal rights group has demanded water-use details from a Central Valley town where Foster Farms slaughters and processes poultry, saying residents suffer through drought restrictions that don't apply to the chicken giant. 

     A group of Amish men and women who cut the beards and hair of those they deemed hypocrites will serve between one and 11 years in prison, the Sixth Circuit found Wednesday. 

     The teenager who fell to her death from the roof of a college dormitory last year broke the back of a pedestrian she landed on, that woman claims in court. 

     A Seminole tribe member seeks to shut down a primate research facility in rural Florida, claiming it runs an unethical animal-tissue harvesting operation and puts his sacred lands at risk of being infested with "wild, potentially disease bearing monkeys." 

     Charlie Sheen assaulted a dental assistant who was trying to prepare him for a 2014 tooth extraction and then tried to stab two dentists, the dentists claim in court.

     Terence Stamp has sued crime novelist Richard La Plante, claiming his onetime friend defrauded him of hundreds of thousands of dollars involving a house in Ojai. 

     A jailed high school teacher awaiting sentencing had a history of molesting minors before Fresno schools hired him and he had sex with a girl in his classroom several times a week for years, the student claims in court. 

     Donald Trump scored a resounding victory in Indiana's Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, handily defeating Sen. Ted Cruz and driving the Texan from the race for the nomination. In the Democratic race, Sen. Bernie Sanders has defeated Hillary Clinton. 

     A prominent Connecticut rabbi faces a federal civil complaint accusing him of raping one of his yeshiva students for four years. 

     Hip-hop star Busta Rhymes shoved his chauffeur into the street, the Queens man claims in court, also describing years of unpaid overtime and name-calling. 

     Using his professional name DJ Kool Herc, Clive Campbell claims in court that the HBO series "Vinyl" has a character based on him. 

     CharityBuzz coughed up a $32,499 refund after Legacy of Hope Foundation advertised a "charter private" flight to Cuba but tried to book the donor coach on American Airlines, the fundraiser claims in court. 

     The Second Circuit affirmed the conviction Wednesday of James Tagliaferri on several securities-related offenses. 

     An Alaskan hurt in an accident in which a truck driver allegedly fell asleep sued Prism Design & Construction and its driver, claiming among other things that the driver had been issued 18 traffic tickets before the injury accident, in Anchorage Superior Court.  

     A Michigan police officer shot a young boy in 2013 after the child complied with orders to drop the Airsoft BB gun he was carrying, the boy claims in court. 

     Two D.C. attorneys filed a pro se lawsuit to keep the district from seizing chickens they keep in the backyard of their Victorian home in Chevy Chase. 

     Stressing the failure of the war on drugs and the dangers of the marijuana "black market," California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday an initiative to legalize recreational pot has enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

     A federal judge approved a plan Wednesday to let a legal watchdog question six former Hillary Clinton aides and State Department employees about the former secretary of state's use of a private email server. 

     A blind and penniless Nigerian immigrant who could not collect Social Security benefits because his birth date was wrong can seek to modify his naturalization certificate, the Ninth Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     Newark parents claim in a class-action lawsuit that New Jersey officials knowingly exposed students in city schools to dangerous lead in drinking water.  

     In hopes of reversing new protections for transgender students, Virginia public school officials have requested an en banc Fourth Circuit hearing. 

     Production of the 500-euro banknote is being discontinued amid concerns it had become too popular among crooks and money launderers.

     Ford USA is not liable for an Irish employee's asbestos exposure, which took place before he came to America, New York's highest court ruled. 

     The former Tulsa County sheriff's deputy convicted of manslaughter for firing his gun instead of his Taser at an unarmed and restrained black man was denied bail Tuesday, and his attorney angrily lashed out at the victim's "punk" attorney.

     Justin Bieber smashed a man's cellphone at a Houston nightclub after he filmed the singer chugging from a beer bong, the man claims in court. 

     A company that allows customers to fake their caller ID and disguise their voices is not liable for sexually harassing calls received by a Massachusetts woman, the First Circuit ruled. 

     A federal judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss a class action against Ford Motor Company that claims the automaker concealed defects with its steering system. 

     The federal government says two California men stole expensive bottles of wine from Bay Area distributors and restaurants and then sold the stolen goods to an unidentified person in North Carolina. 

     A Memphis, Tenn., man was sentenced Wednesday to 24 and a half years in prison for his role in a sex-trafficking scheme operated out of the Riviera Motel in New Orleans.

     The terms and conditions consumers must sign to create an Apple ID exempt the company from liability, in violation of New Jersey's consumer-protection law, a class claims.


     The Third Circuit affirmed dismissal Wednesday of Eisai's claims that Sanofi-Aventis monopolized the anticoagulant drug market with its marketing of Lovenox. 

     California hauled Mitsubishi Electric into automotive parts antitrust litigation, citing the Japanese company's $190 million settlement with the Department of Justice in 2013. 

     New York City received Medicare reimbursements for emergency ambulance services that were not medically necessary, the U.S. government claims in a civil fraud action. 

     The U.S. Justice Department has told North Carolina lawmakers the state's new LGBT law violates civil rights protections. 

     The last man standing in Donald Trump's path to the Republican nomination, Ohio Gov. John Kasich ended his campaign Wednesday, making Trump the party's presumptive nominee.

     There is nothing new in a revived whistleblower lawsuit against Corinthian Colleges, a lawyer for the now-shuttered education company told a Ninth Circuit panel on Tuesday.

     The United States' trade deficit fell in March to the lowest level in 16 months as imports plunged by the largest amount since the depths of the recession seven years ago. 

     The European Court of Justice on Wednesday upheld sweeping tobacco reforms passed by EU lawmakers — including a complete ban of menthol cigarettes — finding the reforms are necessary to protect public health.

     A police auditor told the San Jose City Council on Tuesday that the city needs to ensure that investigations of police shootings are authenticated by an independent panel. 

     CRF Frozen Foods, of Pasco, Washington, has expanded its recall of frozen vegetables linked to a listeria outbreak that sickened eight people.

     An online car title lender that charged outrageous interest rates and confiscated consumers' cars with little or no warning has been now banned from making loans in North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper announced. 

     The Lesedi la Rona diamond is expected to sell for more than $70 million when Sotheby's auctions it in London on June 29.

     Apple Inc. has lost a legal fight with a Chinese company that a Beijing court says is allowed to use the iPhone name on wallets and handbags.

     Brazil's federal prosecutor launched a $43 billion civil suit against BHP Billiton on Wednesday for a dam break that killed 19 people and caused the worst environmental disaster in the country's history.

     Aeropostale, once the vibrant epicenter of the U.S. mall scene, is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

     U.S. productivity fell in the first three months of the year, while labor costs rose at the fastest pace in more than a year. 

     Hundreds of Egyptian journalists rallied in Cairo on Wednesday in an escalating standoff with police, saying the media would go on strike next week if demands including the dismissal of the interior minister are not met.