San Francisco will fight a federal judge's ruling that its rent payout ordinance is unconstitutional.

     An Oklahoma judge Wednesday refused to block the state's new law banning the use of abortion-inducing drugs.

     Michael Brown was shot in the hand at close range, according to the official autopsy, and had marijuana in his system, according to an accompanying toxicology report.

     Dozens of universities with Division I sports fail to pay student athletes a minimum wage, a federal class action alleges. 

     Amtrak's policy of not letting children with food allergies use its services without an adult discriminates against the disabled, a family claims in Federal Court. 

     The alleged head of Mexico's Gulf Cartel was arraigned Tuesday on drug trafficking and money laundering charges after DEA agents arrested him as he shopped in South Texas.

     A St. Louis city judge prevented an infectious waste transfer station from accepting materials contaminated with the Ebola virus. 

     An Austin policeman shot "point blank" into the windshield of a waitress fleeing a late-night attack from drunks on a "crowded and boisterous" street, the woman claims in court. 

     A leader of the Team Digi7al hacker group was sentenced Wednesday to two years in federal prison for targeting 50 military, university and business computer systems to steal thousands of identities.

     A gun rights group and an anti-abortion group have sued Colorado, claiming its law requiring groups to disclose donors to their mailing campaigns is unconstitutional. 

     In what even some fellow protesters criticized as an electioneering stunt, a Missouri state senator was arrested in Ferguson during a protest Monday night.

     The First Amendment did not give the public or news media "guaranteed access" to the botched execution of Clayton Lockett, Oklahoma prison officials said Tuesday. 

     The chief judge of a Texas appellate court torpedoed an attorney's job offer because he'd reported the judge was taking "double reimbursements" for travel expenses, the lawyer claims in court. 

     Four former Blackwater Worldwide security contractors were found guilty Wednesday for the unprovoked 2007 firefight that left 14 Iraqis dead.

     Reducing pollution in Southern California requires more action from the U.S. government, environmentalists told the 9th Circuit on Wednesday.

     Supporters and opponents of medical marijuna are pouring millions of dollars into the Sunshine State to ensure a pending vote on the issue comes out their way.

     "Goodfellas" and "Godfather Part II" actor Frank Sivero sued Fox Television for $250 million on Tuesday, claiming the studio violated his publicity rights by basing "The Simpsons" animated wise guy Louie on him.

     The NCAA and the nation's four major sports leagues accused Gov. Chris Christie of strong-arming his way into sponsoring sports gambling at state-licensed venues. 

     A man who found a stolen Gibson ES-355 guitar in a Las Vegas pawn shop and tracked down its owner - B.B. King - claims Toyota stole from his book about it to make a Camry commercial. 

     After ignoring a student's complaints of bullying, a high school showed a movie featuring teenagers who had committed suicide - and the boy killed himself the next day, his father claims in court. 

     The makers of a movie about a "homicidal fish man" told a federal judge that a director they ousted from the project is not entitled to any rights in the upcoming horror-thriller. 

     A border vigilante charged with pointing his AR-15 rifle at a deputy sheriff he mistook for a drug smuggler pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, Arizona prosecutors said. 

     A woman who tried to kill herself by stabbing pencils into her eyes sued USC Medical Center, claiming that a photo of her injuries went viral after an employee shared the image.

     A producer refiled claims that United Talent Agency misappropriated a screenplay he'd commissioned to make the Clint Eastwood movie "Trouble With The Curve."

     DirecTV technicians have filed 24 federal actions and counting, alleging that the country's largest satellite TV provider is denying them fair wages. 

     Elk hunting in Grand Teton National Park is noisy and dangerous, and this year's hunt was approved illegally, two nature photographers say in a federal lawsuit. 

     New Mexico State University is using a gun-toting cowboy mascot that's a knockoff of Oklahoma State's Pistol Pete mascot, OSU claims in Federal Court. 

     Four blacked-out paragraphs of an antitrust complaint involving the $1.5 billion Alzheimer's drug Namenda must be disclosed, a federal judge ruled.  

     The government couldn't prove wrongdoing in a $1 million gold deal involving a man jailed for mortgage fraud and a Swiss company that may or may not exist, the 9th Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     Immigration officials must explain how a gaucho chef's knowledge of his country's cuisine is "categorically irrelevant" to his bid to work for a Brazilian steakhouse in the U.S. 

     Proposed regulation in New York for digital currencies like Bitcoin drew fire Tuesday from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, reddit and the Internet Archive. 

     EU regulators fined four major banks, including JPMorgan Chase, nearly $41 million to settle claims of colluding to manipulate interest rate derivatives.

     An allegedly bipolar woman accused of threatening to kill a federal judge got a second shot on the witness stand before prosecutors rested their case Wednesday.

     The Zaken Corp. must pay $25 million dollars for deceiving consumers with false and misleading claims while marketing work-at-home business opportunities. 

     Because poking a 13-year-old girl's bare stomach does not qualify as "indecent liberties with a child," a Utah appeals court vacated a sex-abuse conviction. 

     A 61-count indictment against a New York personal-injury attorney Tuesday accuses him of stealing more than $100,000 in settlement money from clients.

     A family of UFCW union bosses, all with the last name Fazio, failed to have the 2nd Circuit overturn their extortion convictions Wednesday. 

     Former pro quarterback and coach Ted Marchibroda Jr. sued the law firm Sullivan, Workman & Dee for $1 million, alleging professional negligence and breach of contract, in Superior Court.

     The Cartoon Network did not violate the rights of an app user by having the device transmit a his Android ID and viewing history to a third party, a federal court ruled. 

     A two-day hearing kicked off Wednesday to determine the expert testimony and class action status of a gender-bias suit against Goldman Sachs.

     Italy cannot tax gambling winnings from other EU states while allowing players at Italian casinos to win tax-free, the European high court ruled Wednesday.  

     A man whose property is now in limbo because of the bankruptcy of the Revel casino urged a judge Tuesday to have state authorities butt out.

     The man suspected in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings won more time from a federal judge Wednesday to search for exculpatory evidence.

     An Alabama grand jury indicted House Speaker Mike Hubbard on 23 ethics violation charges that he says are the fruits of "a political witch hunt."

     A defect in Ford Explorers exposes passengers to lethal carbon monoxide and other gases, a federal class action alleges. 

     Syngenta Seeds' lawsuit against a grain storage and transportation company has been given new life by the 8th Circuit. 

     Better security could have helped a sound technician whom Harlem's own ASAP Mob assaulted at a musical festival, he claims in court. 

     In a move unusual even for the home state of Jimmy Buffett and Carl Hiaasen, officials have voted in favor of making South Florida a state.

     Two men who admitted to conspiring with an FBI agent to steal and sell government files on a "prominent" Bangladeshi now face 35 years in prison. 

     A University of Alabama football player was allegedly caught up in a drug sting with narcotics agents seizing over 100 grams of marijuana from his dorm room.