The historic and court-ordered sex reassignment surgery for a California inmate is in doubt after a 9th Circuit panel granted the state a stay on Thursday. 

     Counseling got football star Ray Rice out of a domestic-violence charge, one day after linebacker Jermaine Cunningham reached a plea deal on a similar scandal.

     Ahead of the California state Assembly's vote on a controversial vaccination requirement, a major supporter of the bill accused opponents of encouraging the stalking and threatening of its employees and lobbyists.

     The operator of escort website was sentenced to 13 months in prison, the first federal conviction of a prostitution website operator, the Justice Department said on Thursday.

     The owners and manager of two California nursing homes agreed to pay $3.8 million for billing Medicare and Medi-Cal for "worthless" services, the Justice Department said on Thursday.

     Fashion model and alleged rape victim Janice Dickinson turned up the heat on Bill Cosby on Wednesday, in a defamation complaint in Superior Court.

     A national campaign to allow the dying to choose the manner of their death went into overdrive this week with a lawsuit filed in California and a medical association's decision to support a California bill that would allow help to those who want to die in peace.

     The hospitalization of Mumia Abu-Jamal for a mysterious medical condition has spurred a federal complaint from the imprisoned cop-killer's attorney. 

     New York City turns a blind eye to the "endemic" rape and horrific abuse of women at a pretrial Rikers Island lockup, a federal class action alleges.

     Nebraska's unicameral Legislature abolished the death penalty Wednesday by 32-15 vote, enough votes to overturn the governor's promised veto.

     The former CEO of the company that owned MySpace lost his claim that Google and rigged bids so that News Corp. could buy MySpace on the cheap in 2005. 

     Hundreds of people are working to contain an oil spill off Refugio Beach near Santa Barbara that could be as large as 105,000 gallons of crude oil.

     A top member of the Sinaloa drug cartel pleaded guilty Wednesday to smuggling tons of cocaine and marijuana into the United States, and ordering the violence associated with it. 

     On what would have been Michael Brown's 19th birthday Wednesday, Ferguson officials and Brown's father said the makeshift memorial for the slain teen will be replaced with a permanent one.

     A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a class action against LinkedIn - over allegations the networking site furnishes paid subscribers with job candidates' consumer reports - for failure to prosecute. 

     An International House of Pancakes manager in Las Vegas made a worker have sex and oral sex with him to keep her job, she claims in Federal Court. 

     Raiser (Uber) sued the Texas attorney general in Travis County Court, to stop the City of Austin from releasing "trade secrets" to a third-party request for them. 

     Civil libertarians cannot force a full release of the nearly 7,000-page Senate report on harsh CIA interrogation techniques, a federal judge ruled Thursday. 

     The government must consider unsealing a convicted terrorist's challenge of evidence related to the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound, a federal judge ruled.

     The Compton school district fails to meet the needs of students who suffer "complex trauma" from living with violence, abuse and poverty, parents, teachers and children say in a federal class action. 

     A man can proceed with claims against a retired official accused of using the plaintiff's identifying information on a warrant for another man, a federal judge ruled. 

     The girlfriend and child of an unarmed black man killed by a rookie police officer filed a wrongful-death suit against the officer and others on Thursday. 

     California trial judges on a statewide budget committee fiercely oppose a move to strip their oversight power for trial court spending and give that power instead to another committee that regularly meets in secret.

     An increase in bottlenose dolphin deaths in the Gulf of Mexico is likely linked to exposure to pollutants from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to researchers by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association 

     Nearly 700 attorneys and staff members and thousands of clients are dealing with the abrupt closure of Butler & Hosch, one of the nation's largest foreclosure law firms.

     Arbonne International's "30-Day Feeling Fit Kit" had exactly the opposite effect on an Indiana woman who claims in a lawsuit that the product caused her acute kidney failure. 

     Two musicians bootlegged live private recordings of jazz great Ornette Coleman and continue to offer the illicit materials for sale, the bandleader's son says in a federal lawsuit. 

     The Angola, Louisiana state prison does not provide ample and timely medical treatment to its inmates, a class action filed on Wednesday claims. 

     In his second trial in as many months, a former landlord is fighting claims that he and his family failed to repay a $500,000 investment in four slum apartment buildings.

     Former Ultimate Fighting champ Chuck Liddell should have done more research before giving $2 million to an allegedly fraudulent developer, an escrow company attorney told jurors Wednesday.

     Hewlett-Packard falsely claims ownership of a patent for an invention that eliminates "blink-related closed eyes," a former employee claims in court. 

     Robert Bosch and two other companies fixed spark plug prices around the world, auto parts distributors claim in a federal antitrust class action. 

     The U.S. Forest Service used a phony road designation to approve clearcuts that will dump tons of rubble along a Wild and Scenic river, environmentalists claim in court. 

     The Tulsa County District Attorney recused himself from investigating the sheriff's office, whose reserve deputy killed an unarmed black man, mistaking his own gun for a Taser.

     Officers and board members of an Atlanta college withheld federal financial aid from students and lied about it, a student says in court. 

      A Venezuelan business man claims in a lawsuit that he was extorted for five million dollars by a shareholder of the Doral Newspaper and Doral TV. 

     Cops in New York City's 79th Precinct falsely arrested two brothers and took $60 from them, $40 of which they used to buy takeout food, the brothers claim in Federal Court. 

     New Bedford, Mass., police shot to death 15-year-old Malcolm Gracia in May 2012 after claiming they saw him give someone a "gang handshake" on a basketball court, his mother claims in Bristol County Court. 

     A deaf worker at IBM will have to resign himself to shifting between watching a company video and an American Sign Language interpreter's hands, a divided 2nd Circuit ruled Thursday. 

     New Jersey must face claims that it approved a personalized license plate that said "BAPTIST" but not one that said "8THEIST," a federal judge ruled. 

     Bar exam software provider Examsoft Worldwide Inc. will pay $2.1 million to settle class-action claims a glitch in its technology caused scores of prospective lawyers to fail the multiday test last year. 

     Community groups are furious about a Phoenix freeway expansion that will uproot hundreds of homes and destroy two ridges in the city's iconic South Mountain Park. 

     The fact that a landlord has searched his tenant's home already does not foreclose the need for police to get a warrant, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled. 

     A small town in Minnesota faces a civil lawsuit accusing it of wrongly seizing artifacts related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 

     The push for information on the decision not to prosecute a fatal chokehold on Eric Garner found new support from a New York City police watchdog. 

     Having just suspended its softball team for hazing, St. Joseph's University faces a new federal complaint from a woman who says the abuses she suffered made her suicidal. 

     A federal judge issued the promised injunction against a government ban on interstate transportation of the reticulated python and a type of anaconda. 

     Aetna Life and Health Insurance will pay up to $4.5 million to settle claims they failed to cover diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

     ConAgra Foods will pay $11.2 million to settle a federal criminal charge that it shipped Peter Pan peanut butter tainted with salmonella eight years ago. 

     JPMorgan Chase fired a top-level executive because he refused to scuttle the settlement of a case the U.S. Supreme Court took up, he claims in court. 

     Oil and gas extraction on Osage Nation land will be subject to updated requirements starting July 10.

     A woman who escaped from a sex offender who kept her locked in a box for months with a bucket of urine and feces was found murdered Thursday morning.

     A Florida man faces up to nine and a half years in prison for landing his gyrocopter on the West Lawn of the Capitol last month, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced.

     Design defect did not cause the death of an electrician who fell 40 feet when the lift he was using in a cathedral tipped over, the Texas Supreme Court ruled. 

     The printer of Martha Stewart Living magazine claims the media company owes it $7.7 million for forcing it to offer a price discount not in its contract. 

     A former pilot and his family bilked Aerowest out of "hundreds of millions" through a series of bogus lawsuits, the Germany-based private jet company claims in Federal Court.

     A Florida judicial review panel recommended a four-month suspension without pay for a Brevard County judge who was videotaped last year threatening to assault a public defender. 

     A divided Iowa Court of Appeals ordered a new trial in a negligence case on Wednesday, hashing out the legal issues surrounding the death of a young woman who fell from an apartment balcony. 

     Only select Major League Baseball teams will face a suit stemming from a labor dispute filed by minor-league players in California, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday. 

     The 9th Circuit agreed Wednesday with environmental groups that the federal government violated the Clean Air Act by approving California's faulty air-quality plan. 

     Several of Hawaii's campaign-finance laws challenged by a construction firm are not unconstitutional, the 9th Circuit ruled Wednesday. 

     The owner of a South Florida auction house was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for his role in the smuggling of rhinoceros horns, elephant ivory and protected coral.

     A Texas attorney agreed Wednesday to stagger his visits to a deer lease so he doesn't cross paths with a hunter who filed criminal and civil assault charges against him.

     Semtech knocked off an Oracle-database-monitoring application by gaining unauthorized access to the custom tool used by Trevera Solutions, the latter claims.