Sheriff's officers who did not break up a savage beating in a Los Angeles holding cell must pay damages, the 9th Circuit ruled Friday. 

     Confectionary giants Hershey, Mars and Nestle repeatedly told the 3rd Circuit that there is "no evidence" to support claims that they fixed prices.

     Chevron and the Ecuadorean government agree that the press and public should be shut out of their arbitration hearings over a $9 billion judgment.

     Gov. Jerry Brown and federal officials announced Thursday they are scaling back wildlife restoration in an effort to speed up and save money on a controversial $25 billion water project.

     San Francisco's sheriff will fire one of four deputies accused of staging fights between inmates, and asked the mayor to fund body cameras to prevent further abuses.

     The mother of a black man whom Philadelphia police shot in the back of the head during a traffic stop claims in court the officers planted a gun on him.

     After its initial public offering last year generated more than $204 million, revelations about Castlight Health's backlog caused shares in the provider of cloud-based software to decline by more than 50 percent, a class claims, echoing an earlier lawsuit.

     The stepchildren of a woman killed when Bruce Jenner allegedly rear-ended her earlier this year sued the former Olympian for wrongful death in state court on Friday.

     The nonprofit Center for Competitive Politics is not entitled to an injunction that lets it shield the names of its "significant donors" from a form it must file with California, the 9th Circuit ruled Friday. 

     A federal judge approved a $5.25 million settlement for former U.S. Airways pilots who wanted interest on retirement-benefit payouts that the airline subjected to a delay after its bankruptcy. 

     A Baltimore police officer connected to the death of Freddie Gray, whose funeral sparked massive protests this week, will face murder charges.

     Police officers in Long Island's Suffolk County employed a "stop and rob" campaign targeting Latinos, a federal class action claims. 

     A grieving mother says the heroin addict who caused the accident that killed her son was high when he passed out behind the wheel. 

     Accused art swindler Luke Brugnara found himself removed from the courtroom on Friday after letting loose with an ear-piercing burst of screaming and fist-shaking.

     Police killed an innocent motorist during an "unsupervised, chaotic" high-speed chase, that man's sons claim in Federal Court. 

     A Nevada highway project that will increase flood risks and unearth toxic materials needed an environmental impact study for approval, residents claim in Federal Court. 

     A new California sick leave law should not derail federal railway employment acts, three railroads claim in a lawsuit filed in Sacramento. 

     A driver for a North Carolina trucking company negligently blocked a rail road crossing, causing the March 9, 2015 crash that injured 55 passengers on an Amtrak train bound for New York, a lawsuit filed Friday claims. 

     The head of a California equity company committed fraud to acquire a controlling interest in Medical Marijuana, Inc., former board members say in state court. 

     A pro surfer claims film producers denied her a role in a faith-based biopic because she is a lesbian and they falsely believed she starred in gay porn, according to a state court suit. 

     Baltic Trading's merger with Genco Shipping & Trading is a slam-dunk for directors serving on both companies' boards, stockholders say in a lawsuit. 

     A resident of an L.A. apartment building on Thursday told jurors about the slum conditions his family faced under a landlord fighting tenants' multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

     An aloof 6th Circuit panel met Thursday to hear about a jail that refused to release a man after he was acquitted without first collecting his DNA.

     A Nigerian witch doctor will spend 14 years in federal prison for conspiring to smuggle drugs by providing his cohorts with magical and "supernatural" protection from cops, federal prosecutors said.

     A jury awarded $20 million to the widow of a southeast Missouri businessman who was killed in a 2012 train collision.

     American Express has five days to rewrite its contracts so that merchants can encourage customers to use less-expensive credit or debit cards, a federal judge ruled. 

     A federal judge granted preliminary approval to an $11.5 million settlement of a class action brought by the Estate of Rick James, Public Enemy's Chuck D and other musicians over royalties from digital music downloads. 

     A California man whose websites facilitated Bay Area prostitution must forfeit cars and more than $1 million to the U.S. government, a federal judge ruled.

     Former Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov will likely face no jail time despite his second conviction on Friday for unlawful use of the firm's valuable computer code.

     A federal judge on Tuesday granted final approval to a $2.9 million settlement between Umpqua Bank and debit card users who claim the financial institution squeezed them for overdraft fees. 

     Cleveland's method of assessing a "jock tax" on NFL players who visit the city to play its Browns is unconstitutional because it violates the athletes' due process rights, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. 

     Takeda Pharmaceutical will pay $2.4 billion to settle about 9,000 pending claims its diabetes drug Actos caused bladder cancer, the company announced this week. 

     A federal judge refused to throw out a suit accusing French telecom giant Orange S.A. of reverse-engineering Telesocial's "Call Friends" app, finding the parties didn't agree to fight all battles in Paris. 

     Though the D.C. Circuit vacated her earlier dismissal, a federal judge again tossed a whistle-blower's claims that Philip Morris overcharged the U.S. military for cigarettes. 

     Harvard University filed a federal complaint against entities that it claims have been selling its business school's copyrighted materials for an HBX credential of readiness, or CORe. 

     Federal prosecutors who won an unprecedented $8.8 billion judgment against BNP Paribas for sanctions violations Friday faced a wave of discontent from terrorist attack victims.

     Police brought a man to the hospital, Tasered him and took him away, only to bring him back an hour later in cardiac arrest, his sister claims in Federal Court. 

     The U.S. Department of Justice announced the creation of a $20 million program Thursday to put body cameras on police officers.

     A Texas ethics commission on Friday censured a state judge who told a Tea Party group he had a gun in his lap during a sex offender's testimony "because the man was 'way out there.'" 

     Closing the book on a lawsuit over certificates, the 3rd Circuit awarded retroactive relief to the two consumers behind the case. 

     Electronic Arts executives can't be held liable for expressing corporate confidence about the launch of Battlefield 4, a judge ruled Thursday, dismissing an investor class action. 

     Though adopted solely to quash a fight between atheists and nativity-scene enthusiasts, Santa Monica, Calif.'s ban on wintertime displays in its Palisades Park is constitutional, the 9th Circuit ruled Thursday. 

     A Lexington, South Carolina man pleaded guilty Thursday to trafficking drugs on the "deep web" using Bitcoin.

     More than two years after critical habitat was proposed, two ESA-listed freshwater mussels now have habitat designations.